Hi! My name is Ricky; I’m a Product Manager, UX/UI Designer and Digital Marketer.


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Start-Up Idea

Client: Grow-Up
Date: 2019
Services: Innovation, Design

Vyre NYE Billboard
Client: Vyre Network
Services: Marketing, Content Creation

Tarku Resources
Client: Tarku Resources
Services: Marketing, Content Creation

Andy Dane Media
Client: Andy Dane Media
Website: instagram.com
Services: Marketing, Content Creation


CashCropToday Media is a global media, branding and technology company, with a focus on news & information about investing, entrepreneurship, technology and the lifestyle of the cannabis and hemp industry.

Client: Cash Crop Today Media
Services: Web Design, Marketing


Adopting an entrepreneurial mindset, test your ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world. In Entrepreneurship + Value Creation (EVC) you’ll actively learn how to identify pressing problems and opportunities, develop impactful team-influenced solutions, interact with customers and end-users, and pitch your innovations to supporters and decision-makers. Upon completion of this studio-style course, you will be able to immediately apply lean startup and disciplined entrepreneurship methodologies toward the advancement of your own venture or within your role as an entrepreneurially-minded industry professional. In doing so, all students will be expected to practice Rigorous, Evidence-based, Action-Oriented Learning (REAL) throughout the term.

V-Portal’s mission is to change the way live events & entertainment are experienced by providing VR/AR solutions for live event businesses.

Client: V-Portal
Services: Start-Up Idea

The Race to Clean Up

Start-Up Project

Client: ASU Technical Design Methodology (TEM 250) Final Project
Date: 2021
Services: Innovation, Design


Start-Up Project

Client: MyRentTree
Services: Innovation, Design

RDS Harvesting

Start-Up Project

Client: ASU Promoting the Enterprise (TMC 310) Final Project
Date: 2021
Services: Innovation, Design

Soulja Boy
Client: Soulja Boy x Vyre Network
Website: vyre.tv
Services: Marketing, Content Creation

De La Ghetto
Client: De La Ghetto x Vyre Network
Website: itsespanol.tv
Services: Marketing, Content Creation

Raze Energy

When approaching this project, the biggest things that stood out to us about Raze were its bright colors from not only the packaging but the brand as a whole. By partnering with artist Taizuren, we were able to match Raze product’s amazing colors with an even more amazing background.

Client: Raze Energy
Services: Content Creation

Nike x Graduate Hotels

With such a deep rooted story, we made it a key mission to show the whole process that was needed to make this event happen. From searching for each shoe, to the restoration & finally to the launch of the event, we made sure that the story was told from beginning to end.

Client: Nike x Graduate Hotels
Services: Content Creation

Client: Ne-Yo x Vyre Network
Website: vyre.tv
Services: Marketing, Content Creation

Crazy Rich Asians

With its enormous success, The Asian Awards Honoring Asian Excellence wanted to pay special tribute to the film team & host a special communal panel event. Not only was this a special event for the team & cast, it was even more special as the guests ranged from a wide array of success stories within the Asian community. 

Client: The Asian Awards Honoring Asian Excellence
Services: Content Creation

Blak Atlantic

Blak Atlantic Productions is a team of creative individuals serving a large range of photo & video projects aimed at creating a deeper impact. By sticking to its deep-rooted beliefs, Blak Atlantic has successfully been able to diversify its portfolio of work and collab with brands in a variety of industries.

Client: Blak Atlantic Productions
Services: Web Design, Branding, Marketing


Taizuren is a LA based modern art brand, specializing in high-end fashion & collectible pieces. With the goal to re-inspire the world of creativity, Taizuren’s vision is to spark a creative movement that elevates our youth to turn their circumstances into opportunities and never stop creating.

Client: Taizuren
Website: Taizuren.com
Services: Web Design, Marketing

Baldwin Park PD

All of the Los Angeles PD officers carry a certain high level of pride in everything they do, even their 4-legged furry officers. It was amazing to see how eager and excited the LAPD’s K-9s were in all aspects of the duty. By capturing the unit in its natural environment, and constantly training, we were able to put on display the amazing bond & passion that these officers share for the line of duty.

Client: Baldwin Park PD
Services: Content Creation


Since 1923, Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii has always strived at creating a subtle, refined, yet complex whisky. Throughout generations of growth & refinement, Suntory has successfully established itself amongst the leaders of the Fine Whiskey industry, creating a balance between luxury & craftsmanship. Based on that balance, we made it key to get between the “crevices” & get as close as we can, capturing every elegant detail & overall eye-popping aesthetic of the Hibiki brand.

Client: Hibiki Suntory
Website: suntory.com
Services: Content Creation


“Saber Vivir”, is just 2 words yet carries so much meaning. During such a stressful & difficult time that the world finds itself in, our goal was to bring some light to the end of the tunnel. No matter the situation we may face, we should always strive to enjoy the little things: friends, sunshine & an ice-cold Corona.

Client: Corona
Website: coronausa.com
Services: Content Creation

Project Carbon

Sticking to Project Carbon’s simple approach, we were able to showcase Project Carbon’s special edition “CARBON GATOR” leather design cigar travel case in a variety of settings. Combining the cigar case with industry leading cigars, we were not only able to validate the product amongst industry leaders, we were able to display full functionalities of the case for viewers.

Client: Project Carbon Inc.
Services: Content Creation


Following NOPEET’s approach to standing out and being unapologetically different, our catalog stayed true to that statement. By working with social media influencer Taizuren, we were able to showcase the uniqueness of the glasses through the oddities of the outfits to background contrasts.

Client: nopeet
Services: Content Creation

R&R Fur Babies

R&R Fur Babies Grooming was created for pet parents who are passionate about providing a healthy lifestyle for their furry friends. With over a decade of experience, their team of certified expert groomers is dedicated to providing high-quality grooming services and individualized care to keep every pet looking and feeling its best.

Services: Web Design, Branding, Marketing


Fall 2023
Arizona State University
BS in Technological Entrepreneurship & Management
April 2022
Mar 2023
Tech Talent & Strategy
Mar 2023
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Feb 2023
Product Marketing Alliance
May 2022


Jun 2022 - Mar 2023
Product Marketing Manager @ Broadly Inc
San Francisco, CA
May 2022 - Aug 2022
Associate Product Manager @ FUNDEGUA
Guatemala (Remote)
Mar 2020 - May 2022
Founder & Marketing Consultant @ Mont Venture Group
Pasadena, CA
Mar 2019 - Apr 2022
Project Manager @ Vyre Network
Los Angeles, CA
Nov 2018 - Mar 2019
Brand Manager @ Andy Dane Media
Long Beach, CA
Jan 2018 - Mar 2019
Digital Marketing Manager @ CashCropToday Media
North Hollywood, CA
Oct 2017 - Jan 2018
Digital Marketing Researcher @ CashCropToday Media
Los Angeles, CA