UX Design / Web Development / Digital Marketing

Project Overview

Art has always been a part of Taizuren’s life. Over the years, Taizuren has increased his range, playing with different mediums of art that keep on evolving his style. We wanted to make sure that his site was not only a good representation of his art style but wanted to make a centralized place for people to access his work.

Web Design

The Approach

When approaching the design & development of Taizuren’s site, we wanted to make sure we not only built a state-of-the-art e-commerce system but that we showcased the digital presence that started the Taizuren brand. By building a fully optimized POS system & combining it with a mobile-based platform, we were able to leverage the Taizuren social following to increase brand awareness & sales.

Final Results

Taizuren’s project was an overall success as the artist was able to sell some of his most popular pieces as well as receive various commission piece requests through his new site and social media marketing efforts.

More Info

This was my first time building an e-commerce website so it was a great learning experience to get familiar with various software and tools. I really had a fun time and tested my creativity with this project!