Start-Up Project

Project Overview

MyRentTree is a web-app that serves as the liaison between all parties involved in residential renting. Whether you want to find reviews about your new potential landlord, manage important renters’ documentation, request maintenance services, or even pay your rent, our purpose is to provide tenants and landlords with the tools and resources needed for a better renting experience.

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Client: MyRentTree
Services: Product / UX Design / Web Development

The Problem

Have you had a hard time with a landlord before?

Studies show that most people still buy homes but renters make up 36.6% of the housing market, which means there is still a huge chunk of people renting homes across the U.S. With millions of landlords & tenants out there, why is it so difficult to find reliable/trustworthy information about the person or company you will be renting from? 

The Solution

That is where MyRentTree comes into play! Our current M.V.P. is a Yelp for landlords. Simply put, MRT is currently a review site that allows tenants across the country access to rate & review their landlord experience. Is your landlord a bit of a handful? Are they pretty dope? Let the world know here! Concerned about where you’re potentially going to rent? This is the place to find all of the information you need!

The Opportunity

The number of renters increased between 2006 and 2016 by 23 million, compared to the number of homeowners, which increased by less than 700,000 in the same period. Tenants in households: Nearly 109 million people, around 36% of the population. 50% of people under 30 live in rental housing & 23% of people between 30-and 44 live in rental housing. The first online reviews started in 1999 after the start of seller websites, like eBay. Now, 72% of potential customers won’t commit to a purchase without reading reviews. 91% of millennials trust online reviews as much as they trust reviews from friends and family members. 95% of travelers check out customer reviews before booking reservations.